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 The NightWish Guidelines

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The NightWish Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: The NightWish Guidelines   The NightWish Guidelines I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 20, 2009 8:13 am

1. Applicants
Must sign up in these forums and make a post letting us know you are interested in joining in the Applicants forum. - After being invited to guild You have one week to register in forums (make post in applicants section and apply for membership).

2. Mature
A group of people who want to help each other, don't belittle each other in guild chat. Also, members will not beg each other for items or money in guild chat. If you are doing this continuously after you have been asked to stop, you will be removed from the guild. Also, if you are having problems with another member, please take it to private chat, do not air it in guild chat. If you cannot resolve a problem then bring it up to one of the guild officers, if necessary they can create a private chat room and help you to resolve your problem satisfactorily.

3. English speaking
Our guild decided to speak English in guild chat and on our forum. You can of course speak another language in whispers.

4. Helping others in the guild
Please understand that we cannot always drop what we are doing to help you. Everyone is usually busy trying to level themselves as this will make us a stronger guild and make TW's much easier. If you need help, ask in guild chat but be patient waiting for someone who can take the time to help. In the meantime, you could offer your help to someone else lower level in the guild. Co-operating with other members will make us a much closer knit and stronger guild

5. Recruiting
We do not allow our members to ask members from other guilds to join us. We respect other guilds and not try to steal their members. Many members have another char in other guilds, that is absolutly no poroblem, and for them counts also, not recruit in our guild.
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The NightWish Guidelines
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